Please any one help me on visual svn brancing and merging , a web site link on how to do that in a safe way in
Visual Tool is better , or may be a helpful video is better too ,

I have a client project where new Features are need to added in the near future and until it is tested and released to the client the existing project SUPPORT is also need to be given

So thinking of get the branch from the existing project and develop the new features and mean time the old project can be used for existing support : this is my idea.

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There's loads of free SVN stuff out there, I use CollabSVN and a plug in tool they offer AnkhSVN that allows you to manage it from within Visual Studio - you can check in and out items etc. through your solution explorer and it allows for branching as well.



Ok , thanks , but we are using TortoiseSVN 1.6.2 client, we check out using that and VisualSVN-Server-2.0.8 as the visual SVN server , so basically I'm asking the setups for create and manage the merge operation , or a best web site as a help to refer and experiment ... Can anyone hel p on this matter


YES , thanks,that refers to command based merge and brancing , isn't it , visually how can it done ? any ideas and guide for that will be more helpful...

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