iv looked around google and have found it is possible to put an applet into a jframe. The problem i am having is that my applet is to be hosted online, what i want is to take the applet that is online and display it from a swing or awt front end. Can anyone link me or tell me if it is possible to make a jframe download/embed the applet via url into a jframe or generic window?

The Applet class extends Panel which extends Component and could be added like any other Component to a Container like JFrame.
Does the applet use any Applet or AppletContext methods? Depending on which ones, you may be able to provide the services that the browser provides by setting the AppletStub and providing code for its methods etc

EDIT: Missed the "from URL". That could mean you would need your own classloader to read the class file bytes and load the class. Haven't done it that way myself.