In the java policy file what will happen if we comment out

//permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "stopThread";.

My understanding is that we can't call thread.stop() anywhere in the program am i rite?
If we call it should say "Access denied"...

If any Text area is built with AWT closing it by clicking on "X" on the window will call this thread.stop() method?

Please correct me if am wrong..

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what happens when you tried it? I've never tried doing that specific thing. Most of my changes to the .java.policy file was to give permissions to applets.

i tried commenting teh above line and i could not close the text editor window when the user does the EXIT_ACTION by clicking on "X" the widnow... in the java console i saw the errors thrown as "access denied" for the above commented one...

Whether internally java would call "thread.stop" if we close any AWT window?

could not close the text editor window

Can you expain what you were doing that caused a problem in an editor?

errors thrown as "access denied"

Please post the full text of the error messsage.

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