I recently tried compiling an example linked at Mongoose project's website using code::blocks and got certain errors. As I do not know where I went wrong I will list everything that I did in the process.

  1. Created a new C++ console application project in Code::Blocks for Windows
  2. Copy pasted code from this example to my main.cpp https://github.com/valenok/mongoose/blob/master/examples/hello.c
  3. Created and added a new C++ header file called mongoose.h and copy pasted code from mongoose.h file linked on the project's website: https://github.com/valenok/mongoose/blob/master/mongoose.h
  4. Created and added a new C file called mongoose.h and copy pasted code from mongoose.c file linked on the projects' website: https://github.com/valenok/mongoose/blob/master/mongoose.c
  5. Saved all the files and the project
  6. Clicked the compile button on Code::Blocks for Windows

OS in use: Microsoft Windows 8 (64 bit)

Version of Code::Blocks in use: codeblocks-12.11 with MinGW

Compiler to be used by Code::Blocks: GNU GCC Compiler

Following is the Build Messages generated by Code::Blocks: http://pastebin.com/snTWfBmQ

Please help me understand where I went wrong. My motive is to impliment the use of Mongooser web server API for Windows and Linux in the project that I am currently working on.

See line 165 of mongoose.c -- you need to define the macro HAVE_STDINT near the top of that *.c file.


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