Hello guys, i am facing problem while updating database. I get "data type mismatch in criteria expression" error when click update button.
Necessary info:
*The database i am using is creadted ms office acess appliaction.

*I have created a module where i have putted connection data in a sub function named sub connect(), which works well while inserting records.

Here is the coding i use:

Private Sub Form_Load()
Call connect
End Sub

Private Sub update_Click()
Dim i As Integer
i = InputBox("enter employee id to edit")
rcd.Filter = "employeeid=" & Val(i)
If rcd.RecordCount > 0 Then
With cmd
.CommandText = "update employee set employeeid =" & Val(Text1.Text) & "," & "name=" & "'" & Text2.Text & "'" & " " & " where employeeid=" & val(i)
.CommandType = adCmdText
.ActiveConnection = con
End With
MsgBox "record not found"
End If
rcd.Filter = adFilterNone
End Sub

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Your CommandText is incorrect -

.CommandText = "update employee set employeeid ='" & Val(Text1.Text) & "', name='" & Text2.Text & "' WHERE employeeid='" & val(i) & "'"

''If empid is ONLY a number, you do not have to use the ' to enclose the id...
''Also, you can not set the employeeid if that is what you have selected in your WHERE clause, especialy if it was set to an autonumber field...
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