actually I am learning C from past 1 year now and have learnt alot in C. I have read many many books and have solved alot problems in C. now, i am thinking so as to do some kind of project in C/C++. can anyone suggest me some kind of start-up or say beginner project which i can do at this stage ? i just want a project initially, and then will grow as i will learn. I am damn inspried by people who have great knowledge in this world. i have googled alot for this, but some are damn easy and some are very tuff like language translator. suggest some projects which i can start with. thanks. any response will be appreciated ;)

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No specific suggestions, but some general advice: choose a project that really interests you. Motivation is that much greater if you choose something you're interested in, therefore you're much more likely to complete it.

my interst is C only. now can you specify any good projects ? i am hoping a good response from you. thanks in advance.

my interst is C only. now can you specify any good projects ?

I suppose, you started a thread in geek's lounge about some cryptography project, are you done with it ?

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my interst is C only.

If you only care about C right now then I'd suggest reading the standard and attempting to implement parts of the standard library. On top of learning how to properly use the library by writing it, you'll also learn a lot about computer science in the process.

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npcomplete , one thing i want to highlight and truly wana make your aware. you have downvoted my post. i know a person who is currently working with 4 projects(though i never experinced that thing). i have completed 16 projects till date in past 4 years. currently working with only 2 projects but they are not very much related with C. So what's your point of saying "are you done with it?"

in the 21st century, it is a world of multitasking dude! you have talked just like a person who is told about i7 processor when he is is using earliest versions of pentium. take care!

in the 21st century, it is a world of multitasking dude!

When I divide my attention between projects, the quality of my work decreases exponentially. Just FYI, even in a world of multitasking, focus is important.

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@deceptikon awesome and fabulous statement. but my all projects are part of each other and they are like piping. o/p of one is i/p of other. i hope you getting it. and secondly, i always follow management concepts while managing my projects time. thanks.

@deceptikon so, where to start with ? I mean what is first step now , right now. thanks to you.

So what's your point of saying "are you done with it?"

I mean't, have you completed it ?

i am not getting your point that what is the relation of that thread with this thread ? don't make others to loose interst in this thread.

Write your own tool for counting source lines of code (SLOC).

Start by implementing it to count physical and logic lines of code for the C programming language. When you have that working, extend it for other languages, e.g. C++, Java, etc.

The user should be able to select the language, and the files or directories to be checked, and to save the output to a text file, which should include a list of all files checked and the SLOC counts.

Compare the output of your tool with other SLOC tools.

Your code should be portable across Windows and Linux platforms.

When you have the tool working successfully for multiple languages, make it available as a free download and provide support for it.

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