Would anyone know if there is a specific directory for any IDE, in this case I'm using DevC++ on Windows XP and have a button widget from WXWidgets which can contain a Bitmap Image (wxBitmapButton). I can't understand the documentation surrounding this control but all I want to do is to create an event that places a bitmap image on that button when I click on it. Setting up the event is easy, but I'm thinking that I need to place that Bitmap Image in a directory somewhere in the DevCpp directory in order for it to be picked up when the event is triggered.

Is there some directory where these types of files can be accessed by the IDE when needed?

I'm not even sure what to search for in the documentation.


Why not use the image as a resource? I believe most projects for most compilers search within the project's folder so that should be a good place for the image; correct?

I'd still say use the image as a resource or if you're still stubborn enough, place it in the IDE's folder?