i want to display data from text file in list view and in tree view root will be file name, but i dont know how to do it, the problem is with displaying text file data in list view, i don't know anything about that.
text file data is very simple
it is just a square matrix of double values like:

21.06 34.06 5.0
12.78 45.25 6.9
12.89 45.98 5.5

in list view i want to display it.

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list view? What language -- MFC, QT, or are we supposed to guess?

visual c++ is the language and MFC is the library.

what version of vc++, there are several of them (its a compiler, not a language). Did you google for treeview tutorials?. You might also want to search codeproject.com because they have hundreds/thousands of free MFC tutorials and example programs.

im done with tree & list view tutorials plus practice my issue is reading and parcing text file data and storing it some where and then getting accses to this data so it can be displayed in list view

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