I have a file uploaded in DB.
Can i download it from Swing application.
By Download I mean with options like Open,Save,Cancel and set the response type based on the file's extension.

Thanks in Adv. :)

Yes, you should be able to write a program with those options.
I don't know if you can set the response type if that is an OS setting.

While downloading the file from DB can i use JFileChooser...?
Can you plz tell me the exact concept name to serve my request..


What do you mean by "download"? Is the DB on the same PC that you want to copy the file to?

yes it is local DB...I want to show all files in DB..onclick on of row I want a popup which should say open/save/cancel...is it possible in Swing...

Yes. You'll probably also have to use a lot of other classes that are not in the javax.swing package.

JFrame, JPanel, JButton,etc

? I think those are in the javax.swing package ?

javax.swing package have components that can be used in downlading the file ...?

Swing classes are mostly for the GUI. There could be some used for downloading but not too many.

Why are you asking if there are some classes in a package that could be used? That's a backwards way of designing a program. List the functionality you need in the program and then find the classes that will do it. It seems you are looking at classes and seeing if they could be used.