The attached excel worksheet can explain better of what I need. I need to calculate the attached based on fiscal year starting with August and ending in July for the next 5 years. If you have any other questions for better understanding please let me know.

I'm not sure if the attachment ability of these discussions work but I notice there is no attachment with my question. So I'm going to post what I put in the attachment and I pray that someone understands:

Our fiscal year is from months August to July. So if I put an 8 in F22 it will calculate the first year column AC for F22 to Q22. If I enter 10 in F22 then months 10 through 19 would calculate year 1 because year one would be 8 through 19 and months 20 to 31 would be based on year 2, etc... This code is located in F39 to Q39: =SUMPRODUCT(F23:F38*OFFSET($AC$5,0,INT(F22/12)):OFFSET($AC$20,0,INT(F22/12))) which works perfectly for the 12 months, 1-12. So I need for it to calculate by fiscal year for the next five years per the table above, i.e., Aug 2012 to July 2013, year 1; Aug 2013 to July 2014, year 2; Aug 2014 to July 2015, year 3; August 2015 to July 2016, year 4; and August 2016 to July 2017, year 5.

Can anybody respond. Anybody have any ideas I can at least start with.

Divine, I think we are confused with the exact sums involved. I'm quite good at excel macros, even I'm stumped. ;) Try and attach your worksheet and I will play with it. The only way I'll be able to help you get a solution.... I need to see what the sheets are doing and why to grasp your problem... :)

Thank you AndreRet. See the attached and I think it explains more.

Let me know if you get the attachment because I don't see it attached.

Nope, still not attached. :)

If you click on "Files" it should show you the upload options... Not sure why yours is not working. I;ll flag a moderator and let them check.

That's what I did but I'm trying again. I'm getting this error: The filetype you are attempting to upload is not allowed. It's an .xlsm file.

Ah, thats why. Can you take a screen shot and post the image maybe? that will also help..

or you can save it as a .xls file, select convert/save as excel 2003.

There seems to be a button that says upload attachments but it's faded out. I did save it as a 2003 file but it still seems to not work. I've attached it to here so let me know if you receive it.

Please check your pm. I'll post the solution here when done...

Thank you. I'm good at challenging folks but I like a challenges myself.

Got your mail. Will post as soon as I have a solution. :)

The time here is 2 PM. I leave at 4 PM. So take your time.

Hahaha, its now 21:00 by me. almost done for today :)

You must work at night cause that 9pm my time. So what day is it there am I 6 hours ahead of you or 6 hours behind you. Today is Wed here.

I think 6 hours behind :)

Compress document into ZIP file and attach that one