I am trying to create a simple desgin in windows applcation using C#.NET, where I have dived my page into 2 panels using split control.
The first panel has images lined up vertically, one after another.
I would want that when I point a mouse on any image, the mouseover effect should be shown in panel 2 where, the image sould enlarge a bit and its details must appear in the space along with hyperlinks of Details and Add To Cart.
I could do something similiar to it in Javascriptm notepad. But no clue as to where to write and what to write for it in C#.Net.. M a fresher.
Please help.


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How are the images displayed in the panel? Are you drawing them onto the panel, onto its background, etc.


Assuming you're using Visual Studio, in the properties window for the picture box there should be a 'Mouse Over' event, which if under the picture box's events list, that will do the trick.

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Probably want you want to do is tie all the picture boxes together handled by the same mouseover event. This post has an excellent sample code on doing just that, but with the click event. It should be easily adaptable.

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