Hello everybody...
I have been using c++ for a while for console applications, but now I need to make a simulation of a soda factory, implementing multi-threading and GUI.

I was using Dev c++ for console apps, and I tried to install some dev-packs for multi-threading and GUI development as GTK+ or QT, but I can't make the libs work and also the compiler and the linker seems to have troubles, I have MinGW instaled. I readed some forums and the people say that dev c++ is not good for gui development, so i tried Code::Blocks but i got the same result.

install the libs is such a pain for both softwares, is it realy necessary? or...
Other software could be better for do this work?
Visual Studio or QT plataform SDK, ?

I need your advice in order to choose a software for developing the project.
I need multi-threading support and GUI.

if theres any post related, please let me know the link.
thanks for your help, and sorry for my English, is not my home language.

Generally GUI programs can have other threads that do background work such as performing long calculations. Post your program and compiler's error messages that you can't get to work and we will see how to help you.

Qt works well in most environments, and is almost 100% cross-system compatible. I have used it for Windows, Linux, and QNX development work, each of which has a totally different windowing system.

Qt developer works fine for GUI and multi-threading.
The only drawback that is present in Qt is the size. Any app developed in Qt has atleast size 5MB.