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You need to install the "Crystal Reports Runtime Engine" from the following address: here

Download and install either the 32-bit or 64-bit depending on your OS and your Application you are trying to run. This will have to be done on each client machine that wishes to run your application.

You can't just include the Crystal Reports dlls to make your application work. You'll have to investigate further into either windows installer setup projects or installshield setup projects to achieve something "similar" but not the same. Crystal Reports has to be installed via the "Runtime Engine" downloads or Merge Modules. Merge Modules requires a setup project of the types listed previously to "install" the crystal reports dll's.

You can't just drop the Crystal Reports dlls into your bin folder. You need to install the Crystal Reports redistributable that is for your version of Crystal Reports as it make registry entrys and such. If you are using the version bundled with Visual Studio there are redistributables located in the Visual Studio folders. If you are using the Standalone version, they will be in the Crystal Reports Directories.

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