I have a parent form that has a combobox. Whn the form loads I get the data from the db and bind to the combobox. that works fine and here is the code I use in form load to cause this to happen:

        cmd.Connection = conn
        da = New SqlCeDataAdapter(cmd1, conn)

        cmd.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM AccountType ORDER BY AcctType"
        da2 = New SqlCeDataAdapter(cmd)

        cmd.CommandText = chkSQL
        daCk = New SqlCeDataAdapter(chkSQL, conn)

        cboType.DataSource = dtAcctType
        cboType.DisplayMember = "AcctType"
        cboType.ValueMember = "AcctTypeID"
        cboType.SelectedIndex = 0

Now if there is not an Account Type, I have a button that will pull up a small form to allow the addition of an account type. The popup form adds the data back to the database just fine, but I am now trying to get the combobox to refresh its data. So I call a public Sub that is located in the parent form to from the popup form to accomplish this task and I have walked the code and the sub is called and appears to work correctly, but the new data never appears in the combobox. Here is my public sub that i call to try and refresh the combobox on the parent form.

Dim dtType As New DataTable
        Dim daType As SqlCeDataAdapter

            conn = New SqlCeConnection("Data Source=C:\Program Files\HomeComplete\Data\HomeComplete.sdf")
        End Try

        Dim cmd As New SqlServerCe.SqlCeCommand

        cmd.Connection = conn

        cmd.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM AccountType ORDER BY AcctType"
        daType = New SqlCeDataAdapter(cmd)

        cboType.DataSource = dtType
        cboType.DisplayMember = "AcctType"
        cboType.ValueMember = "AcctTypeID"
        cboType.SelectedIndex = 0


But when I go back to the parent form, the combobox is not updated with the new account. How can i get the combobox to refresh from the database with the new data?

Thank You, Chester

i have used something as easy as in the click event where you add your data on the second form just add


I tried that and also on the Public sub that is in the parent form I put it there as well, but it is still not working...

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