hello pls i need a kind person to teach me any programming language, any! but
i prefer c++, or java. pls i need ur help!!! yes u that is reading this now. thanks

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This isn't a free tutoring service. There are plenty of free easy online tutorials for just about any programming language.


Well, if you really want to learn, then I think we should start learning the basics of electronics, since computers are electronic. Once you know some electronics, we can breadboard some simple digital circuits, like “and" and “or” gates and some simple adders and flip flops, counters, etc. Then we can move on to building some Atmel microcontroller circuits and program them in assembly language. Then we can move up to programming the CPU (the Pentium processor) inside your Intel PC. This we would do in basic assembly language as well, since most compilers convert our high level English statements in C++ (or whatever high level language we’re using) into assembly before hitting the floor. Then we can start learning a language like C++.

So, let’s do this. We can start with the measly electron and it’s negative attitude.

To be continued later........ (for the next 10 years!) NOT!

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