I need some help starting my project.

You will have the following functions (no violation of these interfaces) and you may have others, as needed:
− public static void GenerateRandomTriangles(int numTriangles)
to create a file RandomTriangles.dat having the following format (including some comments like the ones
shown below) with random integer coordinates (x, y) of the three vertices of a triangle. Each x and y will be a
random integer in the range 0 <= x, y < 150. (Use seed for random numbers.)

5 //numTriangles; each line below gives integer coordinates (x, y) of vertices of a triangle
( 20, 100) ( 25, 88) (112, 99)
... ... ...
− public String TriangleType(Point a, Point b, Point c),
to return one of the values "equilateral", "isosceles", and "scalar".
− private void TestTriangles()
to test the two functions above. This function should output the points, the length of the edges (upto 3 decimal
points), and the triangle type. It should allow the user a choice to continue processing the triangles or to quit
(give a short, clear prompt).
− public static void main(String[] args)
to call the other functions for the most part.
Point will be a subclass of the main class (which you might call TestTriangleType). It will have two integer
fields/attributes, with a constructor Point(int x, int y) and another member-function public void
Print() to print the coordinates of a point.

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