Hi can anybody please let me know how to print barcode in visual basic 6.0 with code 93 font,i am using printer object to print on to the printer.also code through which i can minimize the width of the barcode so that it can print completly on the label.

Hii AndreRet thanks for ur reply,i have already went through these links,The Idautomation is not free,requires license for long term use,i want to create barcode of code93 and then want to print that barcode on the label.Can u suggest me how can i create barcode and print.

Can u suggest me how can i create barcode and print.

You need a barcode font, there's no getting around that unless you want to encode and draw the barcode manually, which I strongly recommend against. So your first step is finding a font, whether it be free or not. You can't get any further until that's done.

Might I suggest this?

Hi deceptikon,thanks for ur reply,but i dont want ready made software,i want to code the barcode printing in my application through visual basic 6.0.Can anybody let me know the how i can implement barcode printing in vb6.0 application,any sdk or code will be very usefull.Thanks in advanced

Hi deceptikon,thanks for ur reply,but i dont want ready made software

I'm not talking about ready made software. I'm talking about a font that you need to code your own freaking software. When you print anything textual you need to select a font, right? Well, a 1D barcode is textual data where the glyphs are encoded bars. So you need a barcode font to print barcode text.

Once you have a font it's dead easy to use the Printer object to do the actual printing:

' Set the printer...

' Print the barcode
Printer.FontName="your installed barcode font"
Printer.Print "*text to encode" & check_C & check_K & "*"

Assuming you have an installed barcode font and assuming the printer you select is the label printer, it's all scaffolding except calculating the C and K check characters.

I'm getting the impression that you lack the foundation in programming, VB6, and barcodes to even begin writing this program. You might want to do some reading, because if you don't understand even the most basic of things (like needing a barcode font), then you won't understand any help you receive in this thread.

i have seen inventory system with barcode manually coded and outputted as a jpeg file . this jpeg file can then be use to your report to be printed as a label. it was created by peejay in sourceforge.com