hi all
i want to enter a turkish word to the database using netbeans but what apper in the database is something like that how i can solve it??????
thank you for help

you lost me at "apper"... could you discuss the problem in more detail

i want to read a anon english word( that is not written in english letter)from a java application and enter that word in ms access database but i get these letter ابتث so what can i do??? i hope you know understand

Does the characters display normally within MS-Access and what version of MS-Access are you using?

it is displayed like that Ø§Ø¨ØªØ and i use MS access 2010 you should know that the word apper normaily in netbeans

you could try and use a charSet property to the Connection and see if it works assuming that this should have been fixed by now

Properties props = new Properties();
props.put("charSet", "UTF-8"); //or try UTF-16

it doesnot work but the writing in the database become like this ÊÇáÉ

hmm... Have you tried inputting directly to ms access and see if the displayed text is right?
if so looks like the problem might not be programming related at all since it only affects MS Access, do you have the right language packs installed for MS products?

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