pls help me..
i need to check(compare) whether the value in the textbox (say textbox1) present in particular table(field)..

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Do you know in which row,column,cell you have the value? If not do it in a loop and compare.

You could use the DataView to find and compare your values. From MSDN -->
Click Here

here is a pattern you can try.

  Dim dt As New DataTable
  With dt
     .Columns.Add("c1", GetType(String))
     .Columns.Add("c2", GetType(String))
     .Rows.Add(New Object() {"hi", "fred"})
     .Rows.Add(New Object() {"hi", "barney"})
  End With
  Dim SelectionField As String = "c2"
  Dim res() As DataRow = dt.Select("[" & SelectionField & "]='" & TextBox1.Text.Trim & "'")
  If res.Length = 0 Then
     'not found
     'do something
  End If
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