This is my designed form in VB.NET . What do you think about it ? Please give me some idea.

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it looks nice, but i am not sure how it functions because its just of what I see off the image..

This is a university management system.
Should i add something ?
This is my main form.
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Wow, did you design this... It looks nice (reflects windows 8 a lot)... Though it looks great, I can't seem to see how it operates from an image... Do you have a live demo so we can see it function?

You should add social media feats... Other features should be added based off the pages...

yes, sure . Please wait

<MICHAEL> Here is video demo about this project.
Click Here

Wow... most websites when they are first introduced... they never look nor operate this good... so well done on that part.

Quick question, what does internet explorer logo have to do with what your showing? And second question, Are you going to make an app for this, if so that will be a very good decision for this site's purpose.

So a great start for a verson 1 site :)

  1. "Internet explorer logo" is use to link to university website.
  2. yes .
    What about my design ? is it friendly or hard to use ?
    As you can see in video , all database records are not display in gridview , is it good or bad ?
  1. You should put the university logo instead so it is more understandable.
  2. Your design is clean, simple and very comforting to look at. It's also easy to understand from :)

Well, it's nice to have it in a grid view... Shows a little more organization but be careful with the design aspect as well as function of what happens in grid views...

I'd declare that this is a wonderful start, just keep improving and improving...

Feel Free to ask additional questions.

Do you have facebook or any mail that we can keep in touch ?

Simply just private message me, I am on daily :).

If I have other contact info, I will send it to you ;).

yes thank in advance

no problem

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