I am sick of putting resources and coding them all the time and I don't want to always repeat them. I'm using slick2d in java. It is a game library. I cannot find and game engine tutorials either. How do I create a game engine?

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The question is too broad. To create an engine, you would have to plan what the engine you are creating is going to -- functionality, flexibility, formatting, etc. It is not a simply task... Have you done any of those brainstorming work for what you want it to have or to be yet?

Yes. I just want a 2d game engine not a 3D engine. Its hard making 3d engines from scratch!

Right now you don't have enough specification to begin thinking about design, even less code. Start with a specification. Think of a few typical games that you would want to implement with the engine. For each game write down what functionality should be in the engine, and what should be defined in the individual game. Combine all the lists of engine functionality. Generalise it as much as you reasonably can. Write down method signatures and parameter specifications for a set of public methods that games could use to access that engine functionality. You should now have something that looks a bit like part of the Java API documentation.
Then, and only then, think about all the classes you need and how to implement those methods.
If you post the method signatures here I'm sure people will help you refine them.

Of course collisions, rendering, particles. Those are the basic

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