i am newbies here.
i need help in build fuzzy logic in java.
actually i did not have any idea how to built it.
i want to built a fuzzy system using java for my final project.

i need a sample as my guide to build this system.

my project is about match making suitable jobseeker with job position based on qualification.
any of you have idea how can i built this system.
please help me. i need this system to complete my study.

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yes, i had. just on research paper on job search/match. most of them use rule based.
i did not know how to relate inference engine with system without any sample.


What does fuzzy system do in your program? Give it a sample application. For example, you are going to create a player v. computer to play a Tic Tac Toe. Apply the fuzzy system from the paper to produce the computer AI, so that computer will not always win the game. So, what you need to build is a system that take an input and output to the game. Would that be clearer?

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