I am creating an vb application that compares two data's pasted in two mshflexgrid. The data's will be copied from the source to the flexgrid control using clipboard.

I have coded all the needed things. I just want to remove the unwanted empty cells that are displayed in the msflexgrid control. The flexgrid control is having 12000 rows and 12 columns. Since i dont know how many rows and columns will be there in the source file, i have set the rows and columns in the flexgrid manually. Once data is copied to the flexgrid control, i need the control to display only the rows and columns that has values and must not display the rows and columns that are empty.

Can you please help me in this request?

Thanks in advance for your helps...

Karthik Venkatraman

Your request is a little unclear. Can you describe your data scenario a little more? Are you expecting entire rows to be blank scattered throughout the data, or entire columns to be blank in the middle? Or are you simply looking to lop off empty rows from the end, and empty columns from the end?