hi, good day . ahmmm, i have a problem in terms of adding a technology which is biometrics in our project, can you please help me on how to code the finger biometric in our online website my front end is asp.net and my back end is sql database. and the programming lauguage that we use in C# .. to register the time in and out of client thnx a lot for the suggestion! :]

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Does your biometric hardware come with an API? Hard to just start telling you how to use something that we know nothing about ;)


hmmm.. im so sorry sir.. im a newbie in this kind of project.. hohoahmm sir we do not have any biometric device yet because i dont have any idea what kind of finger biometric tech. we should use in our project.. coz in the market there are many different kinds of fingerbiometics but my partner tell me. that we should used only the simplest biometrics. so in purchasing this biometrics what kind of brand or specification that we should buy that is suitable in our project .. we use asp.net and C# Programming Language thnx for the reply :]

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