How to write a function for highest denomination of any card in the hand.The denominations from lowest to highest are 2, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,'jack,''queen','king','ace'.For example,

Do dictionary mapping the denominations to their numeric value.

Here is another approach ...

create a deck of cards, shuffle and draw a hand of five cards
suit: club=C, diamond=D, heart=H spade=S
rank: ace=A, 10=T, jack=J, queen=Q, king=K, numbers=2..9
ace of spade would be AS, 8 of heart would be 8H and so on ...

import random

def create_deck():
    create a full deck of cards as a list of codes
    ranks = "A23456789TJQK"
    suits = "CDHS"
    deck = [rank + suit for rank in ranks for suit in suits]
    return deck

def shuffle_deck(deck):
    return deck

deck = create_deck()
shuff = shuffle_deck(deck)
# pull five cards and show
card5 = shuff[:5] 
# sorted by rank
# sorted by suit
print(sorted(card5, key=lambda x: x[1]))

'''possible result ...
['4S', '2D', '2H', 'QS', '4D']
['2D', '2H', '4D', '4S', 'QS']
['2D', '4D', '2H', '4S', 'QS']