Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place for a WPF question... but you might be able to help me!

I am using Visual Studio Express 2010 (Which I didn't know had an evaluation time, going to have to change to 2008!) and I'm developing a WPF application. My background is in Java so its all quite new to me.

My question is this: I've made a layout with some stuff in the XAML file (MainWindow.xaml), and thats all fine. However, now I want to add some code. I figured I need to add this to MainWindow.xaml.cs however this file is pretty emtpy - it was my understanding that this would be generated from the xaml file?

If so, how can I "update" the cs file to reflect the content of the xaml file - or have I got the complete wrong end of the stick with this?



Hmm, I think I'm getting confused and you dont need to do this...

How do I edit/delete posts?

You generally can't, but you can try the Flag Bad Post link to get the attention of the moderators. Quick thing, Visual Studio Express doesn't have an evaluation period; maybe you downloaded the trial version by mistake...? Try this link, and download Visual C# 2010 Express. The programs are split up by programming language. Also, the .xaml.cs is not generated from the .xaml file, it is different than WinForms designer. I could elaborate, but from your last post, it seems you may have figured it out.

I had a look, yes I do have Express, but the message "For evaluation purposes only" and "28 days remaining" (suggesting it is a demo) are only there when you have not registered!

I figure leaving the post for other unsuspecting newbie xaml users to stumble uppon might be useful anway so I'll leave it.

I'm used to hard-coading all my layout stuff in Java, so I'm not used to using a designer!