i am trying to execute an exe file on a remote computer using vb 6.0 and i'm using psexec here is my code:

shell("psexec //computer1 d:\test.exe")

but it is not working by. by the way i am using a cloned system. can anybody help me.. thank you so much.

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I've never tried it myself, but this sounds like a job for DCOM. Here's a Microsoft article that walks you through DCOM with VB6. You create an ActiveX exe on machine A, and then VB6 code running on machine B can call into the exe running on machine A. You haven't said what the exe actually needs to do, but presumably you can create one or more methods in a class to do it - whatever it is - and you can pass any necessary information between the machines with the method calls.

Also keep in mind that there are a lot of security risks involved and that you have permissions set to actually connect to the remote system etc ....


thanks. i will try to work on it.
by the way do you have any idea how to access phpmyadmin on a server. i am using xampp and i want to run that on a network and access it using the application i made in visual basic 6?


:) quite easy, read my tutorial on mysql, xampp here. It will give you a step by step to install, stting root, and connect to your database.

If you need more help, shout...


i was able to connect to my database locally using th following code

Driver={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};Database=NAME_OF_MY_DATABASE;Server=localhost; Port=3306;Option=13;

and it works fine. my problem now is i want to access another dabatese wich is stored on a remoter computer. i dont have any idea what to do. please help me. thank you.


First, this is an entire new question to your original question. Please open a new thread and I will answer from there.

Is the database on remote pc in a network or on an online server. Please answer in your new question..

Please mark this as solved, the original question has been answered, thanx.

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