Hello guys,
I'm new to VB.Net programming and Daniweb community as well.
I'm developing a software in VB.net. But the problem is that I don't know how to create Invoices after taking the Sales Order. I'm in an urgent need of your valuable help you could provide me.

Thanks in advance .....

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You are going to need a database backend for your application.

You will need to do the following:

1)Compose a list of things you need to store and keep track of.

2)Tear down the storage items to their most simple (atomic) state to create your tables.
a)Lookup Tables
b)Foreign Keys

3)Find which database type fits your needs.
a)SQL Server

4)Design your application by flowcharting then coding. ( Never code first!)

5)Design the GUI (Design it for the user, not for your preference)

6)Write/Debug the code

Now, with that being said...

You will have to determine how many user will be using this software.
If you are expecting multiple users, do not use Access as your database.
Access is a single user only database.

When connecting the database to the Application, you will have to determine what library you chose to use as the method. For example:




You will need to learn the methods of creating a connection to the database.

Here is a great resource!

You will also need to study data manipulation (DataAdapters,DataSets,DataTables ect..)

I hope this points you in the right direction!

commented: Thanks a lot! I GOT the point I was missing!! +0

Hi bro,
I know how to create a bills like industry,textiles....etc
i have a bill in ms word can you convert into VB.net
my mail id is syamsai.2001@gmail.com

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