I'm looking more and more about answer for my question.
When I open mysql query browser first time, there is place that we can create new mysql connection. I want to create connection like this.

In the 4 computers connected to a LAN network. I name these computers A,B,C,D for easy identiting on this example.
Think A is the only mysql installed computer and database server.
For other computers I installed program wich I made with vb.net 2012.
From that B,C,D computers When I entering data, I want to save those data to sql installed computer.
I have 2 question on this senario :
Q-1 : How would I write connection string ?
Previously I tried with this connection string :

con.ConnectionString = "User Id=root;server=;password=mysql;database=moneycs"
(I dont sure this connection string)
**Q-2 : **How Could I make new mysql connection on server pc. (note : PC-A IP :
making new connection page has these values and what would I put those values...
Connection :

So help me guys ! :)

Re: Create New MySQL Connection from MySQL Query Browser 80 80

Your connection string should be


You can get more from this site.

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