Write a single Program in Java that illustrates the use of following Object Oriented Programming (OOP) features Classes Objects Inheritance Methods State

Congratulations, you have (almost) managed to copy your homework assignment question. You are destined for great things...

Sounds rather open-ended, don't you think? Has the professor given you any further instructions or suggestions on how to do this? Or is that what you came here to ask for?

For future reference, you should never simply post your project requirements here and expect someone to do the work for you. We are, as they used to say in the Sixties, hip to that sh****, and we aren't going to let it slide unanswered. You need to demonstrate that you have made a good faith effort to solve the problem before posting here, or else you are in violation of the posting rules of DaniWeb:

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So, can you give us some idea of what help you need?

most likely, he has just been explained all these concepts, and his teacher wants to see whether or not he understood it, which is why the assignment is quite abstract.