how to create a pop up form for each row in datagridview that holds detailed info about that particular row of a column ? I want a editable pop up form with two text boxes and sum of both text boxes in the selected cell of the column . i don't know what approach to take ,
can someone provide me with a link please.

Why dont you create a form to act like a pop-up, that onload() load the datagrid information?

create a new form and add three textBoxs with label i.e value 1 , value 2 , sum.
on Main form select the grid and goto property then Event - Click . Double click and add the follwing code.
Dim frm as new form1
Dim i As
i =
= DataGridView1.
Item(0, i).Value

Text =
Item(1, i).Value

Text =
Item(0, i).Value +
Item(1, i).Value

A form that will pop up everytime you click on the datagridview's row is easy. Follow the shared code above by Khair.

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Thanks for all replies , i got it to work

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