hello i have some problem in showing button, when data exist and data not exist. i want the button show if data exist also data not exist. my current problem right now the button only show when data exist but the button automatically hide when data not exist.

here what i got so far..TQ

      <jsp:useBean id="reportList" scope="request" type="List" />
          Iterator staList = reportList.iterator();
          result out = (result) staList.next();

           <% if (i!=0){%>
             <input name="search" type="button" id="search" value="Search"  onClick="return onSubmit_Click(document.form,'mfa.action?action=Sta_Report&status=<%=out.getStatusExam()%>');"/>                                                            

         <%} else {%>
                <td colspan="3">data not exist</td>