Hi im wondering if someone can help me i have to create the following program but dont quite know where the hell to start here is the scenario

•   A local recording studio rents its facilities for £200 per hour. Management charges only for the number of minutes used. Create a project in which the input is the name of the group and the number of minutes it used the studio. Your program calculates the appropriate charges, accumulates the total charges for all groups, and computes the average charge and the number of groups that used the studio.
•   Form: Use labelled text boxes for the name of the group and the number of minutes used. The charges for the current group should be displayed formatted in a text box.
•   Create a group box for the summary information. Inside the group box, display the total charges for all groups, the number of groups, and the average charge per group. Format all output appropriately.
•   Include buttons for Calculate, Clear, Print, and Exit

Could really do with some pointers please ive been staring at this screen for 4 hours now ;( should i use an array or arraylist? Can you store a name and a number in the same array or am i reading it wrong 


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You should create a class to hold the band name and the minutes used. Use a List<T> to hold each of these that you create. Create your form as requested.

Thanks for the reply :) but fairly new to programming and only covered the basics such as loops, selection and arrays the rest im learning is from books! c# is very hard to take in ! once i start im ok but thats the hard part

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