Hi all,

I want to create a crystal report. Before print the document I want to see the output first, and then give the print command. On print button, But the problem is I have dot-matrix printer and I the page size is fix. So how can I overcome this problem? Otherwise how can I change the paper size of crystal report?
Sorry. I didn’t have code for this problem. If you can provide me some code, or any link which guide me to solve this problem.
Thank You in advance....

Hello, I am doing approximatelly the same project, printing bills on a custom paper (POS Priner I suppose). The paper is approx. 70mm width, th lenght varies, it depends what is on the bill (how many items, like in the store).

I am asking the thread starter, if this code works?
am really interesting into the code posted above, especially becuase I am looking for something like it for some time all over the net. I was even posted some threads on the msdn forum, but so far no luck - I didn`t receive any reasonable answer worth mentioning.