can anybody plz help me with this assignment plzz plzzzz plzzzzz

The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice using loop statements, if ... and if ... else statements, practice writing functions, and program planning and development.

You are to write a dice game for 3 players. The rules for the game are:

The game ends when any player gets 50 or more points.
The players take turns and each turn may consist of one or more rolls of the dice.
The turn ends either voluntarily or if the user rolls a 1 (one) with either or both dice.
The player earns the sum of all rolls taken during his/her turn unless a one (1) is rolled with either or both dice. These points are added to the player's cumulative total points.
The points for a roll is the sum of both dice, unless a 1 (one) is rolled. In that case the points for the turn is 0 and the turn ends. If two ones are rolled, the points for the turn is 0, the turn ends and the player's cumulative point total is set back to zero. 

Program requirements

Along with your program listing, you must submit output representing the playing of one or more games. Your output should look "similar" to that shown below, including player names, results of each roll, totals for each turn, and an annoucement of the winner.
The three players must each have different personalities. The personalites are
    Player1 is a "chicken". He/she will only roll one time for his/her turn.
    Player2 is a little more daring. He/she will roll twice during his/her turn.
    Player3 is is "wild and crazy". He/she will continue rolling until he/she rolls a 1, ending the turn, or until rolling enough points to win the game. 

The heart of games is usually a BIG do while or while loop. You probably will want to call other functions, but they always return to the BIG game loop.

So start with a BIG game loop, and see how far you can go. When/if you get stuck, post your code, and tell us what has you stuck. BE SURE TO HIGHLIGHT YOUR CODE AND CLICK ON the Code tab of the editor to insert that program, as code, not html text. (which is almost unreadable for code)

Leave out the details you can, for now. Work on the basic logic or "flow" of the program. If you actually play the game with paper and pen a time or two, it will greatly help you to see the kinds of logic you'll need.