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This is my first port so please bear with me. I am developing a simple software in Vb.net 2010. In this software you can add, edit, delete, print records. I have done everything except print option as I dont have any idea on how to do this. I dont know VB.Net I long back was doing programming in Vb 6 after it was closed I never used vb.net and now here I am directly working on vb.net 2010. Till now reading from this website and google I have completed 90% of the software now just the printing part is left.

I tried Crystal reports but I did not understood it, in VB 6 I used data reports and now in Vb.Net I am trying to use the microsoft report viewer and its report. To give you idea of my problem I have attached the screenshot of my software and indicated in it where I am stuck.

ScreenShot: http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/2963/83964933.jpg

I would love if anyone help me out step by step on this.


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crystal reports is the easiest option for reporting in VB.NET. if you are using Visual Studio 2010, it doesn't come as part of the package so you need to download it from this page:

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Also, I am using Access database in backend

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