Hello friends,

This is my first port so please bear with me. I am developing a simple software in Vb.net 2010. In this software you can add, edit, delete, print records. I have done everything except print option as I dont have any idea on how to do this. I dont know VB.Net I long back was doing programming in Vb 6 after it was closed I never used vb.net and now here I am directly working on vb.net 2010. Till now reading from this website and google I have completed 90% of the software now just the printing part is left.

I tried Crystal reports but I did not understood it, in VB 6 I used data reports and now in Vb.Net I am trying to use the microsoft report viewer and its report. To give you idea of my problem I have attached the screenshot of my software and indicated in it where I am stuck.

ScreenShot: http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/2963/83964933.jpg

I would love if anyone help me out step by step on this.


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Also, I am using Access database in backend

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