Hello guys, I really need your help on this one, Please help me out with it
I'm using a webBrowser in my application "Visual Basic 2010", And what basically it will do, Once you open up the application, It will show you a URL, let's say for example Google.com by default | What i wanted to do is, To kind of show a specific part of the website only and hide the rest of it, Like for example like result or on google.com, Show the search bar and the search button, But not the I'm feeling lucky Button
Can't i use it from source ?
Or at less the header/Tittle of the website
I'm not actually good at programming and my english isn't good enought to explain it in an easy way
I apologise and thanks in advance

Google has a custom search API, Click Here for the overview.

What are your specific requirements?
How many websites do you need to be able to view?
How much of each website do you need to "block"?
Is this for a class project, just killing time, or what?

Hi John, thanks for your quick respond
There is only one website I will be using, it called downforeveryorjustme.com
Which I want to check the status of the website if its down or up
It's not a class project as its not a passing time project, it's just something that I'm aiming to use almost everyday, And I'm really looking forward to it
From the above link all what I need is just the result, each time you check the status of a website, if its up, it will say something like, it's only you www.domainname.com looks up from here
If its down its says just you, that all what I need
Thanks for your help

This has already been done, and even with 'www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com'. Click Here to see the thread.

By the way, I did a Google search using "vb.net check if website is down" and that was the first hit...

Thanks John, This is excatly what i was actually looking for a long time
I did take the codes and put them in my project, Problem is, When i run my application and check the web Status at the same time, It blocks everything for about 10/25 seconds Depend, Just as an extra help if you could, Is there any way to make it a little bit faster ?
If not then don't worry about
thanks again for your help.

I built and ran the app, none of my response times were more than 2-3 seconds at most - with the "usual" response time being 300-700 milliseconds. I've added a label to the form to show the response time, see attached.

Thanks John

Hi @John.Knapp
I have used the code that you sent me on this web earlier >> http://shop.x22cheats.com/showthread.php?t=28246
I have used it on my application and i made it with the timmer to check the site status every 8 Seconds
it works good, But the trouble is Each time it start checking the site status, It freez the whole application for about 2 to 3 seconds, And i was wondering if there any way that i can make it run without freezing the application ?
Is there any way to use the site "Checksite.us instead of using downforeveryoneorjustme.com" ??
Thanks for your helps bro

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