I am trying to convert a listbox to an array so i got this line
var modarray = listBox1.Items.Cast<String>().ToArray();
but then i also need to use an int array
so i tried the following
int[] arr = modarray.Cast<int>().ToArray();
but i get an error that suggests that is not possible to convert the array. Can anybody helpme please

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You'll need to convert them one by one, you can't cast strings into int. So use Convert.ToInt32, Int32.Parse or Int32.TryParse

so you are telling me that i sould convert every item inside first? i just get confused a bit . or i can just change the
int[] arr = Convert.toInt32(modarray.Cast<string>().ToArray());

There is no built in way to convert an entire array of strings to int, so you'll have to do it yourself

int[] myInts = listbox1.Items.Select(p => Int32.Parse(p)).ToArray();

This assumes your listbox1 items are all strings to start with. This hasn't been tested, so syntax might be off :)

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