I am making a text editor in c language.I need a help for moving characters left,right,up and down.I am using turbo c compiler and i want code for navigation and not an ascii key codes.... please help me with this as soon as possible....

You have a good compiler for this, because Turbo C has several extensions for working with text on the console window.

When I did this, I used a simple, oversized char array which was not the best design certainly, but it worked, and I was not interested in making a better one.

I believe you mean ANSI code, (that's the funny looking stuff with the weird chars in it). I'd avoid it like the plague.

It takes a good amount of work to get these things working right, so start in, ASAP. We won't code up your assignment for you - we help you with YOUR code you post and give specific info about (questions or problems).

Nothing more 99.9% of the time. Certainly NOT something this extensive.

This article may help you with using the directional keys. Turbo C supports the getch() based solution. Note that it only describes how to capture and respond to those keys. What you do in the response is where most of the real work lies. ;)