using and sql query i need to join multiple tables to view in one datagridview control .In each table i need to take only one field and want to dislpay all in the datagridview control...can anyone provide me the apat code for this

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What tables? Join your tables in your select statement. Need more information about the table structures. You haven't shown that you've made any attempt. Where's your code?

For the prediction of the student performance i have created tables for personal details,attendance,class test,Assignment,lab work,semester marks,seminar,general proficiency,prediction result. in each table except personal details and prediction result table i have the overall status the perdection result table i have to join all the overall status result.In the prediction form i want to dislay the overall status result for all the students by using datagridview control.

As cgeir has said, we can't see any code thusfar. As for the SQL I will give you a little bit of a hint.

"SELECT tb1.Column1,tb2.Column1,tb3.Column1 FROM Table1 tb1, Table2 tb2, Table3 tbl3 WHERE tb1.Column1=MyValue,tb2.Column1=MyValue,tb3.Column1=MyValue""
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