Low level VB Scripter.

I am trying to write the code to import all the Sysinteral EXE files into the program so i can use this tool to launch them from a thumb drive or over a network drive without linking to the files on a network device or shared folder.

I dragged and dropped AccessEnum.exe into the code and it made a new tab (which then confused the heck out of me). How do i link the Click button action to launch this AccessEnum.exe file? any ideas, or if i need to give you any more information please let me know!.

Second part
Some of these files need to run in dos, so i would need to do a CMD launch first then run program.exe so i could view the contents. any ideas on how to do this?

I want to compile all the exe files into this VB.exe file so that it can run from within its self. So could i do a shell("blah.exe") and how would i do that, because when i do this, it crashes.


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I don't think that's even possible. What you could do is create a simple GUI launcher for these applications and place them on your flash drive.

I would like to compile all the exe's inside of the main exe, however, your saying that is not possible... am i correct on that statement?

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