I am very new to xslt and the like, and was looking for a xsl file to transform a junit-test xml output to something readable, with tables etc. However, when trying to apply the xsl file I get the error

Namespace 'xalan://org.apache.tools.ant.util.StringUtils' does not contain functions (or similar, as the original message is in German) on Explorer, and

Error during XSLT transformation: An unknown XPath extension function was called.

on Firefox. The offendling line in the xsl file might be

<xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform" version="1.0"

Any help is appreciated. What versions of HTML, XHTML, XSL, XSLT, XPATH, whatever I am using, I have no idea. If you need such additional information, please provide a simple way to find out the required information.


Hi Alex,

For future reference the version of XSLT being used is declared in line 1 above version="1.0".

Could we see your full XSLT file, can't say if that namespace is redundant or not without it.


I found this file on the internet, here is the Link.

Try deleting that extension call. I have a feeling it is associated with an apache XSLT compiler which it would seem you are not using.