Hi frnds..im Saravanan..im studyng my BE in Govt.college of technology,coimbatore...in our college around 84 companies are coming for computer science students...lik microsoft,comvault,etc...bt i hav second thoughts!!...i want to achieve somthing great...we should prove that we are more worth in this world than modifying an old softwares...we hav to invent somthing big and new...who ever wants to achieve somthing and live as a legend lik steve jobs,billgates...can join ur hands with me...i do'nt care abut ur place or native,cast etc...JOIN ME!!...share ur thoughts and ideas..wake up and come to a new dimension...we can do something great...so join up guys...form a group of powerful and faithful members...it's not a spam or fake..its a real discoussion!!!!..pls reply!!!

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join you in what? and what common language will you use? looks to me like english isn't the best option.

what you should realize is:
Steve Jobs and all those others who made name and fame by (re-)inventing and/or improving systems in a way nobody thought possible, didn't start out with the idea "I'm going to become a legend!!" the general idea was more like: "heh, wouldn't it be nice if I pulled of something like that?"

you have no concept, idea or whatever (as far as I can tell from your post), and you obviously haven't got that much experience looking for jobs:
no, recruiters aren't looking for the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, ... they are looking for you. (one of the major reasons they show up at your college, and not at the Microsoft or Facebook headquarters). anyway, they don't necessarily want the top 0.1% best of the world, since, well ...

those guys cost way more than most those companies can afford. not to mention that chances are they'll get bored working there, and 'll be looking for "the better job" within a few weeks.

I see no reason why you should try to create a project out of thin air, especially if you have no clue what kind of project you would be working on.

There's a universe of open-source projects "out there". try to get in on one of those. next to the fact that you have something more (even if it is just one project) to put on your resume, you'll learn a lot of skills that recruiters are very interested in: working in a team, versioning (kind of hope you already know something like that), meeting deadlines, ...

ok...im having abut 16 projects in my hand gav to me to do...i choose 5 projects from that...pls help me and give me some suggestions and ideas abut tat!!...the projects are:
1.Data compression(implement any one of text compression techniques)
2.scientific calculator implementation(without using any built in functions in that language)
3.design and implement any one of the following games(chess for two players,snake and diamond,mine sweeper)
4.simple media player implementation(must handle basic media formats,support both audio and video)
5.online test module ceeation(using VB/.Net or PHP)
These are the projects selected by me..the projects can be done in languages like c++,c,..etc...pls give me ur ideas about these projects like which one is easier and how do i do it!!..the source codes should not be copied from the internet...even if u copy...do some modifications and bring a successful or partial output...anyone can do..if u do pls send me the code and how it works.,.and what language u hav used in it!!..i'll verify the output...or all suggestions and ideas are welcomed!!..

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the source codes should not be copied from the internet..

pls send me the code and how it works.,.and what language

So you're asking us to help you cheat??

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the source codes should not be copied from the internet.

you do realize, that, if we were to write this for you, and if we were willing to send it to you, you would still have .... copied it from the internet, right?

no no...nt like tat guys!!!..give me some ideas abut those projects!!!...you knw abut it right!!..as im a fresher just tell me..that which project is very easier to me??!!!...and give me some suggestios abut tat project code...even if u snd me the code...i'll try to modify it..help me by sending the code and ideas for any of the easiest project i have given..then i'll try whether im able to modify and develope it furthur!!...i'll send the modified code to you..u can verify and tell me it's correct or not...pls help me guys!!..it's for my knowledge developement only...i wo'nt cheat myself!!!come on frnds..help me!!

by creating ur own code..exchanging with me..and helping me by verifying that the code replied by me is correct or not...will develope ur skills also guys!!...lets share our ideas..give me a code and explanation for any of the given projects!!..i'll try to develope it!!.it was like u r going to give ur knowledge to me..and gain some other knowledge also..by verifying my code!!!

personally, if it has to be "easy" (which may not be the best option, since your teacher might interpret this as "lazy"), I would go for either the calculator, or the game to implement.

if, however, for these we would provide you a bit of sample code, it would be enough to copy the entire application of. for the calculator, next to basic java, all you really need to know is maths, and that you can look up in your math book, if you're not good at math.

invent somthing big and new...


by creating ur own code..exchanging with me..and helping me by verifying that the code replied by me is correct or not...will develope ur skills also guys!!

great invention next Steve Jobs :D

can i code the calculator in c or c++..also???..because im fresher to java,.and i do'nt have clear idea about it..thats why im asking the code..and how it works!..i mean the explanation of the code...that some specific lines of the code will trigger some important functions of the calculator na.!!..please send me the code...let me see and gather some ideas about it and try to modify!!...send it to ma mail ID:* <<snip>>* ..please guys send me as soon as possible!!!

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why wouldn't you be able to do that in c or c++? but my advice: use the language your teacher told you to use. if he let's you choose, choose the one you're best at.

ok...im doing it in c++..and i got a sample code and concept explanation also,.thanks to ancient dragon..a senior poster..im going 2 develope and modify it...if i hav doubt..i'll clarify with u guys..thank you!

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