Hi all,

I need to make a windows application nothing fancy - just simple menu etc.

However, I also need to be able to draw pixel colors to the screen (perhaps load from a bitmap image).

It must be as fast and efficient as possible - and if possible, easy to use.

What would you guys recommend?

EDIT: By 'fast' I mean fast execution/processing speeds.


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what compiler do you want to use? If you use C# and Visual Studio 2012 the IDE will generate a lot of the code for you. If you use Visual Studio 2010 you can create a CLR/C++ Windows Forms project which will also generate most of that program. For some reason Microsoft dropped support for Windows Forms templates in VS 2012 CLR/C++.

If you want strict c++ then you can use any c++ compiler for MS-Windows and win32 api functions. Here is a starter tutorial.

Sorry, I should have phrased the title better. I need a library for C++ that is fast (processing speed wise).

I'm going to be using Visual C++ and Eclipse with GCC.

As mentioned, it's mostly just for a simple windows application (form with buttons) and the ability to draw an image to the screen.

What's a popular option for something like this?

You're going to use both compilers/IDE's? win32 api is probably as fast as you can get for writing native MS-Windows programs. .NET compilers might be a bit faster, I don't know.

Use Qt. It meets all the requirements you mentioned. It is fast, easy, allows you to do simple menus and buttons, as well as drawings and pictures, and it works with both Visual Studio and GCC (both MinGW Windows and in Linux, or even Mac).

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