I am getting an iphone soon and would like to write some programs for it using c++, I know all about apple and objective c but I want to use C++, as I am more skilled in C++. So is there a compiler out there that will enable me to write code in c++ for the iphone?

Good link. As noted, Apple really wants to lock you into Objective-C instead of a real standards-based language like C++. The paradigms are similar (object-oriented programming), but the syntax and implementation are different. IE, you can't just take your Objective-C applications and migrate them to another system, without a suitable compiler. Fortunately, there are Objective-C compilers for Linux and (possibly) Windows, such as Clang. How well they support the Cocoa API's is an entirely different question, however! :-)

There is also an Objective-C front-end for GCC that is available on any platform that support GCC, so it is certainly available for Windows.

The interesting thing is, Objective-C actually predates C++ by about a year, at least as a publicly available language ('C with Classes' was in development as early as 1979, but wasn't released as C++ until 1983). Both languages began as preprocessors on C, with C++ being derived from Simula, and Objective-C from Smalltalk. Indeed, it is safe to say that Objective-C began as little more than embedded Smalltalk statements in a C language context.