Hi all, i am new to shell scripting and know very few basics, i have a shell script program written by some other guy and i am trying to understand it. I am unable to understand a few parts of the program, hope some one cud help me with this ....

while [ "$?" = "0"  ]
     if [ "$var" ]
        echo "get /somepath/$value/$var /somepath/$var" >> testfile1.txt
     read var
  done < testfile2.txt

In the while loop what does $? mean and will it not go to an infinite loop, in the echo statement, what does get do, i guess "read var" reads a value from keyboard right, and finally what does done < testfile2.txt mean .....

Hope some one helps and thanks for your help ...

$? is variable in which the exit status of the last command is stored.

0 - Sucessful execution of command
1 - Error

The importance of this variable in shell scripting is that

"In a shell script, the error message is ignored and the script continues to execute. For this reason, it is necessary to check whether a program exited successfully."

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your reply amit, can u even tell me what does this mean

"done < testfile2.txt" and
what does a "get" do in the shell script ...

Thanks for your time and appreciate it ....

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