When the 'Read' button is clicked the user will be asked to open a text file (using a dialog box) that contains comma delimited float/double type data and read the data. The file will contain multiple lines of data with each line containing comma-delimited data ending in a carriage-return/linefeed (Enter Key Pushed).
When the 'Write' Button is clicked, the user will be asked to save the data to a new text file (using a Dialog Box). The saved file will contain the same data in the same format as the file read using the 'Read' button. In addition, the last line of the saved file will contain three data items: Minimum, Maximum and the Average of the number in the file, separated by commas. The user can choose any file names for the files read and written (the two files names will be different). Your program should show messages if the file is not found and also capture any errors using the appropriate Exception handling.

I confirm that such a program can be easily written in C#. Try to do it. If you have problem, we will be pleased to help.

Thank you. I am still trying to adjust to this. I got the buttons down, but what's next?

In order to select a file for reading, see the class OpenFileDialog
See MSDN at msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.windows.forms.openfiledialog(VS.80).aspx

I got the read and write up to this part with opening a text file and saving it as well, what's next?

Sorry, Robby, I cannot write the program for you. If you have a specific question, somebody will be pleased to help, but "what's next ?" sounds a little vague, doesn't it ?