So my program is running just fine and doing what it should beside one little thing. That thing is when I run the formula on the for loop. What it does is when I put in 5 and select the for loop operation it gives me the right answer. But when the program asks if I want to try again and I do the 5 again in the for loop it adds those two together so it gives me 30. How do I go about clearing that variable? My formula case works just fine doesnt add or anything when I do it over.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int num;
int total = 0;
char c;
int counter;

int main(){

        cout <<"\n---------------------------------------" << endl;
        cout <<"Enter a Number (Natural/Whole/Integer)" << endl;
        cout <<"---------------------------------------" << endl;
        cin >> num;

        cout << "\nHow would you like to calculate the sum?\n" << endl;
        cout << "1. For-Loop" << endl;
        cout << "2. Formula" << endl;

        cout << "\nSelect an operation: ";
        cin >> c;


        case '1':

            for (counter = 1; counter <= num; counter++){

                total += counter;

            cout <<"Your sum using For-Loop is: "<< total;

        case '2':

            total = num * (num + 1) / 2;
            cout <<"Your sum using formula is: " << total << endl;


        cout << "\nWould you like to try again? (y/n): ";
        cin >> c;


    while(c == 'y' || c == 'Y');

    return 0;
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First off. I suggest adding a


at the end of the do-while loop. Otherwise it'll just clutter the screen if it's run multiple times.
The problem with you code is the brackets. You're missing a few brackets and others aren't correctly placed. If you can't figure it out feel free to PM me and I'll help you out
Have fun :D

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The only thing you'll need to do here is to reset total to zero at the beginning of your loop. That action alone will fix your code.

You're missing a few brackets and others aren't correctly placed.

There are no missing brackets here, and the brackets aren't placed incorrectly at all. What he's using is an indentation style known as K&R styling, which is a fairly common way of writing C, C++, and even Java code.


Oh you're right about resetting total to 0. I totally missed that haha.
And I know about the different ways of indenting, it just looked to me like there are some missing. Plus when I ran it after adding what I thought needed to be fixed it worked fine. - besides it not resetting haha

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