hi all.
i am a student and i have been lucky enough to try out the havok engin which can use c++.
as it is the engin i am using i cant use openGL otherwise ide not have this problem

i want to give an object in 3d space a vector position and move in a circle around that position using a radius.

_ _ _ x _ o_ _ _
_ _ o_ _ _ o_ _
_ _ o_ _ _ o_ _
_ _ _ o _ o_ _ _
starting at x and going clockwise.

advancments,ideas or algotythems please.

Well you can do something like so:

Vector3 nextCircularPosition(const Vector3& currentPosition, float angle, float radius){
   return Vector3( currentPosition + cos(angle)*radius,
                   currentPosition + sin(angle)*radius       
void display(){
    Object.position = nextCircularPosition(Object.position,currentAngle,radius);